Players Record Form

The below form has a Player’s field group to collect the player records in WPForms!

Features to try!

  • Try to add/remove the field, it should be in repeatable action.
  • On first load remove button is in hidden state. Later it is active on add!
  • Maximum Repeat Limit is set so it should not allow more than 11 players.
  • Try to clear Jersey Size field & repeat it. The default value should be present.
  • During submission, if field added by repeater are blank and are required it should show validation error message.
  • After submission entry view is displayed in table with compact mode and email preview is send to your provided email.

Customizable Features

  • Repeater label can be hidden on frontend.
  • Repeater label alignment supports: Left, Center or Right position.
  • Repeater buttons alignment supports: Left, Center or Right position.
  • Repeater button style supports: Text, Icon or Icon with Text mode.
  • Repeater Add or Remove button label can be changed as required.
  • Supports Maximum Repeat Limit. Default is 0 which results unlimited.
  • And many more…

Support and Feature Requests

For support and feature requests, please send a message via the Support page.


If you are evaluating the WPForms Repeater plugin and you have questions you can send a message, we will be happy to help you to find the answers you are looking for.


Players Record Form
Demo presentation of repeater field on the simple contact form.
One team to rule them all.
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